Global Registry Archives

IDOrder Issued ByHR Registration IDRegistration TypeRatified Order, Agency or Assembly TitleEntry SummaryRatified Order Image
36The Office of the Guardian202187752612AssemblyOregon State de jure AssemblyThe Oregon State de jure Assembly has been ratified into the Hall of Records
38Global Health & Wellness Consortium20215487991247OrderVaccine Reclassification OrderThis order re-classifies vaccines as biohazardous waste and restores liability to producers, enforcement and providers including personal liability, notice of approved covid treatments and conditions for mask mandates.
39Oregon State de jure Assembly2021CD0008415OrderKlamath Falls - Canal A Water Delivery OrdersThis order affirms the water rights of the agricultural community in the Klamath Basin and requires the restoration of the water to Canal A and the return of water outflows from the Klamath River dams to the 1992 outflow levels.
42Office of the Guardian616847221AgencyGlobal Health & Wellness ConsortiumThe Global Health & Wellness Consortium has been registered and ratified in the Hall of Records.