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We will be regularly updating these pages with additional examples and information to assist in ratifying, funding, securing and operating your Assembly.

Please read the Definitions document, the Assembly Ratification information document and the Frequently Asked Questions before submitting inquiries.


— Director, Peoples Government Services Department



Make use of these resources to start, organize and operate your Assembly effectively

We are in the process of internationalizing all information on this site to assist our International Assemblies.  If you would like to assist with translations, please fill out the brief form below.

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Declaration of Independence for the Living Beings of Earth

This is the agreement between Assemblies and the Office of the Global Head of State and is the basis for Assembly authority.

This document is currently pending ratification

Grievance Policy

This is the official guideline for handling grievances.  Adherence to this guideline is a component of Assembly compliance with the Resolution of One Accord.


Template Forms & Documents for Assemblies.


These Frequently Asked Questions will answer many of the questions your assembly has regarding security, orders, ratification and funding.

The Resolution of One Accord

This is the agreement between all the sovereign beings around the Globe.

This document is currently pending ratification.



This document will assist you in understanding the PGSD definitions and distinctions for many assembly and project related questions.

Orientation Meeting Appointments

Currently we are meeting with Assemblies one at a time. 


Assembly Websites

When you register your Assembly you will have an option to specify if you need assistance with a website.  If you are able to do it yourself, then do.  This help is for assemblies that have issues with connectivity, resources or a lack of technical help.

There are turnkey website options.  These are WordPress sites hosted by Life Force.  They are not free options, but we will evaluate on a case by case basis if you need financial assistance with the hosting costs.


Assembly Focus

There is nothing more important than helping your people and restoring their rights

Your initial focus as an Assembly should be on restoring your water, land and property rights to your people.  The water and land and all that is in it and on it are the very assets that belong to the people.  By beginning the process of reversing the theft of the peoples assets through legislation, mandate, treaty and regulation, you are establishing the foundation for continued freedom and self-governance.

Develop your projects now so you are ready to go when the system goes live.

Assembly Projects

Projects are the way restore our economies and our communities.

Projects are coordinated through Assemblies and funded through the Global Project Management Platform.  This is a free service provided by the GIA to all Assemblies worldwide.  When funding comes on line, this system comes online and includes an army of project management professionals to assist Assemblies in delivering successful projects for their communities.

Mini FAQ

Much of the information is on this site.

If you have questions that you can’t find the answer to here on this site, please contact us directly and we’ll do our best to assist.

Why ratify an Assembly?

So that the office of the Head of State of the Planet’s authority to govern can be conveyed to the Assembly for their Nation, State or Province governance.

What about the Budgets?

Assemblies get funding as a result of becoming lawful governance.  Your Pre-Budget Funding Request is so you can operate your assembly for 12 months.

What are Restoration Teams?

These are your think tanks and your connection to the public at large.  They help find solutions for the problems that the Assembly is removing.

Which Governance model?

A non-heirarchical is preferred.  The Council model designed by the Oregon State de jure Assembly is an example of a very good model for governance structure

What is a Grievance?

Formally it is a complaint about something the government is doing that you want re-dressed.

Who ratifies orders & Assemblies?

There is only one person on the planet currently with that authority.  That is Kimberly Ann Goguen.

United Network News

UNN is the official voice of Life Force and the only real news on the planet.  As an Assembly, you should be documenting the work you are doing to bring Restoration to your Area.  UNN will be running “Restoration in Action” videos from Assemblies after Live@5 in the very near future.  Do something, document it and help everyone see what it means to GSD.

Global Intelligence Agency

The GIA is the oldest 3 letter agency on the planet.  GIA provides security, guidelines, banking operations, project management and oversight for all aspects of Life Force and the efforts of the various GIA departments including the PGSD.  As an Assembly you put GIA to work for you by researching problems and issuing concise, focused orders for ratification.  You have the authority, now put in the work.  

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