Developing Successful Assemblies Around The World

A founding component of the PGSD Charter is for us to provide direction, assistance, guidance and coordination to both established and startup Assemblies around the world in order that we may recover our ability to successfully self-govern.  Find an Assembly or Charter an Assembly

Assembly Ratification

We have simplified, organized and clarified the ratification process.

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Assembly Operations

We have developed tools and examples to help Assemblies operate sucessfully.

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Assembly Security

We provide policies and procedures for Assemblies to ensure the safety of their people, their data and their Assembly

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Domestic Oversight

In order to protect the peoples of every nation, the PGSD is now the official governing agency for all cabinet level departments in every nation*.  As National Assemblies are ratified and operationally stable, these departments and agencies will be transferred to the oversight and control of  those National Assemblies.

An Alliance of Nations 

The Deep State has been selling us on their idea of globalism for decades.  The vision of Interim Head of State Kimberly Ann Goguen is an alliance of self-governed nations working together for a free and borderless cooperation of peoples.  We couldn’t agree more: hundreds of nations, one people.


Nations Ratified


American States Ratified

Find your Assembly

While you are automatically a member of the greater assembly for your nation, state/province or city, your local Assembly is where the work gets done.  And there is a lot of work to do.  If there is no Assembly in your area, then consider organizing an Assembly.

Beneficial Technologies

Many tasks in the operation and organization of an Assembly are time consuming and difficult to Coordinate.  PGSD provides beneficial technical solutions and tools for effective Assembly Management and Operations.

Featured Assemblies

Assemblies are de jure governing bodies.  These featured Assemblies are ratified governing bodies and are the core for the charter and creation of the United National de jure Assemblies of America.

Establishing Authority

To excercise authority you must first establish authority.  We establish our sovereign authority as Assemblies on the foundation of the (interim) Head of States soveriegn authority.

  • Read and review the “New Declaration of Independence for the Living Beings of Earth”
  • The establishing members or leadership for an Assembly sign on to this Declaration.
  • Assemblies create their bylaws and State or National constitutions from the Declaration.

PGSD Departments

From Assembly Relations & Oversight to International Divisions of the PGSD, we are establishing a global assistance, services and oversight network to assist all of the worlds de jure governing bodies.  Local Self-Governance : Global Cooperation

Assemblies Division

Assembly relations, review and communications

Government Operations

Government Oversight & Operations

International PGSD Division

International Services

The GOAL: 8B+ Free Sovereign Beings

The Resolution of One Accord is the social compact between all peoples.  This accord , a simple straightforward expression of natural law,  provides an agreement and framework that commits and  holds each of us accountable to principles that are the basis for experiencing true individual sovereignty.

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